Disney App: 6 Reasons You Need It For Your Next Disney Trip

I absolutely love the My Disney Experience App! It has everything you need within itself. Plus, Disney is always improving it!

1. Map And Current Ride Wait Times

Disney parks can be a huge place to roam, with the app, you can find where you are and know where you need to head next. It gives you a layout of all the rides and how long the wait is. Sometimes it can be a bit off, but it’s an awesome tool to have when you’re in the park planning your next stop.

2. Fast Pass

Disney app now lets you grab and hold your fast passes in this app. It’s super easy and organized. You can organize who need a fast pass and who doesn’t, right from the app. This allows different people in the same group to have different Fast Passes.

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3. Reservations And Food Orders

You can now order food from certain Disney restaurants, right from the app. You can order your food while walking there. When you arrive you should be able to walk in, pass the line, and grab your food. The beauty of not having to wait in a long line!

You can also book your reservations too. This works with or without a dining plan. You can book any available reservation from the same app.

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4. Photo Pass

If you buy Disney’s photo pass, you can access all your photos from the app. I strongly suggest purchasing the Disney photo pass. It’s cheaper if you buy it ahead of time. You can buy it with your Disney vacation package or you can buy it through the app up to the day of your trip.

Photo Pass is something I see people asking “is it worth it?” all the time. The easy answer is YES. It’s something you really can’t appreciate until after you’ve gone through the park and have taken the pictures. You will notice the quality of the pictures. Compared to the pictures we normally get on our own phones, it’s significantly better.

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5. All-In-One Access To Tickets And Room

Disney has rolling out their magic bands to use your tickets and unlock your resort’s room. So this may not be the most popular use of the app. But you do have access to both your room key and your park tickets, from the app, in the event that you lost or left your magic bands.

You can even buy tickets and annual passes right from your phone. It’s a magnificent app!

6. Bus Schedule

If you are staying on property, this is a must! The buses come and go all the time, so it’s not hard to catch one. But this can be such a lifesaver when you have little ones.

It let’s you know if you need to hustle to the bus stop or if you can take your time.

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