Harrison House Travel Agency LLC got started out of Vanesha Harrison’s love to travel. She was looking for a way she and her family could travel for less and also travel better. Through chance, she found this travel agent gig (a certain host agency). She had no intention of using the company for others. She just wanted to take her family to see the world and that was it.

After being a travel agent for a while she realized this is SO much more than something to use, on the side, for only her family. This is something that needs to be used to bring others to places all over the world.

Whether you want to just travel or to become an agent and travel better for less, this is where you need to be!

Through Harrison House Travel Agency LLC, you can either buy and book your travel needs, or buy and build your travel business!

Becoming an independent travel agent with us will open you to unlimited training and an exclusive Travel Squad group with over 1k members always ready to help plus units. You will also get the backing and support of your host agency, which has been successful for over 25 years. They also have optional training and a slew of other benefits available.

If you want to learn more about becoming a travel agent message me or learn more here.

Here are all of my links, including social media (youtube channel coming soon):

Website: https://HarrisonHouseTravelAgency.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/HarrisonHouseTravel

IG: https://www.instagram.com/harrisonhousetravel