Top 10 Reasons You Need To Be A Travel Agent

There are many reasons you really should become a Travel Agent! But I’ll start with just my top 10.

1. You are your own boss

The freedom in this industry is likely the most appealing part. You can do whatever you’d like. You can work whenever you want and you can market however you’d like (within reason). Yep, you are your own boss. You own your own business. You set rules, hours, and most importantly, pay. Pay is determined by how much effort you decide to put into this. It can be as much or as little as you want.

2. Paid commissions

Yes! You get paid to book travel. For every trip, flight, vacation package, you get commission! Sometimes you may get a flat fee. But 9 out of 10 times, it’s commission. Commission will vary from vendor to vendor, but the average is about 10%. You get paid on trips that people are taking anyways. People are traveling regardless. So get them to book with you and make it special. Add a touch of customer service and you will grow your business.

3. Work remotely from anywhere

Bouncing off of #1, you are your own boss! You can work wherever you’d like. Wherever there is wifi, that is! The world is your office space.

4. Fam travel

Fam travel is everything! It gives you the opportunity to travel and see new locations for a fraction of the costs. Its name is “Familiarization” travel. This is for you to dip your toes into different experiences, so you can better serve your client.

5. Deduct expenses

Because travel is now “your business,” travel is now deductible. There are regulations and I’m not currently a tax preparer (although I used to be). Some or most of your travel expenses will now be deductible, as long as, you make sure you use it for your business. Take pictures, live stream, write a post about it. Show everything when you travel! This will not only boost your sales, but it will also make your travel deductions official. Travel just became very interesting!

6. Always something new to learn

There is truly no end to how much you can learn! You explore the world and the world is your product. There is no end to where industry could take you. You will always have something new you could tackle. This is an exciting and moving business. You can explore it to your heart’s content and never run out of places, people, things, and classes to learn from.

7. Tons of free and paid training

Training is another thing that will always be around for you to explore. You can try several classes and trainings. Or you can skip them all together. It’s your choice. You have actual online and hands-on training available to you. The world is your playground and product. There is no end to what you could learn. Your host agency has optional training, with me you will be part of a team that has tons of optional training and help. Plus, there is tons of outside training available!

8. You can specialize in whatever you want

You have the complete freedom to specialize in 1 type of travel or to try your hand at everything. This is, again, your business! Do whatever your heart desires. You can only book cruises, cruises for a certain age, cruises for a certain age on a certain supplier. Or you can do nothing but vacation packages, vacation packages for nudist, vacation packages for nudist with a certain resort. Niche yourself as little or as much as you want.

9. Travel helps the world

Travel helps the economy of the cities you visit. It gives the community new customers and helps put money into their pockets. Some cities and areas are built completely around tourism.

10. Industry is growing

This is a growing industry. On one hand, tourism and travel are not dying. The one thing a family is going to want to do, no matter how tough it is, is travel, getaway, and go relax. On the other hand, the industry of travel agents is growing as well. The travel industry isn’t going anywhere. People will always want to go relax, go explore, and become part of a place that’s different from the 9-5 grind.

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