*All quotes are billed a small research fee before services are rendered*

In order to perform the professional services required to design and arrange your travels, a $10 per person research fee is required. The fee is non-refundable. Vacation planning involves a great deal of time. We research cruises, hotels, tours, airfares, and activities to meet your specific needs. We also contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, draft itineraries, and more. We provide itineraries, vacation plans, and tailored travel arrangements that give travelers peace of mind and saves them time.

Once Harrison House Travel Agency has constructed your itinerary, you are free to shop it on the internet or wherever you would like. The research fee is valid for 14 days (includes 2 destination changes). If you choose not to book through us for any reason (decided not to go, booked elsewhere, was just shopping, etc.), the payment will simply be retained by us as payment for services rendered. If you reconvene anytime thereafter the 14 days, a new research fee will be due.

By signing the research fee form you are hereby agreeing to this Agreement and its terms listed herein:

1. The authorization and disclosure are not considered complete until this form is executed by you.
2. We will not commence any services until the research fee has been paid and we will not continue any planning if the research fee is due.
3. Your quotes/proposals/itineraries cannot be released until this is executed and returned.
4. I agree with the above terms and conditions and engage Harrison House Travel Agency to research my travel plans.
5. I agree that the research fee is non-refundable.
6. Furthermore, I understand a new research fee will be charged should I initiate any new requests after 14 days.